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Are you looking for a reputable and highly qualified pest control partner? Look no further, Pro Pest Management Services is committed to providing premium rate pest control services that will ensure complete satisfaction and set you free from menace caused by pests in your home. Our company is dedicated to enhancing a pest- free living environment as we understand that if pests are not prevented in time, they may cause havoc, discomfort and even damage to properties. We strive to become the best pest control and inspection provider in the industry.

Why Choose Pro Pest Management Services

  • We are fully licensed and certified by all Government institutions and all our services are legal and of high quality.
  • We have the best customer service in the business that diligently and professionally ensures all our customer’s needs are fully met and taken care of. They also answer all questions that one may need to know about our services.
  • We are fully insured by Public Liability Insurance policy which covers all our staff, clients and customers in case an accident occurs in the process of delivering our services and they will be fully compensated.
  • We boast of the most experienced and qualified technicians who understand their work well and are competent in delivering their duties to ensure quality services are administered to all our customers.
  • We have over 15 years of experience in providing unmatched and quality pest control services.
  • We use eco-friendly chemicals to kill and control pests that are save for the environment and humans.
  • Our rates are cheap and affordable and we guarantee satisfaction to all our customers.

Pest Control Services We Offer

Building and Pest Inspection

We undertake inspection of buildings to ascertain whether they are infested with any pests and extend of infestation. This is ideal for our customers who want to buy or rent an apartment.

Termites Control, treatment and Inspection

We understand termites can create adverse damage to your properties and our treatment plan is long term that will ensure termites are kept away for the longest time possible. We also inspect and control termites to safeguard your properties.

Residential Pest Control

We work to ensure your home is pest free by effectively eliminating bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, wasps and even bees. Our pest treatments are safe and effective and will give you comfort in your home.

General Pest Treatment and Control

Our technicians are fully trained to get rid of all types of pests that might invade your home or office. Our treatment solutions are effective and long term.

Pest Treatment Queensland

For all pest control enquires in Queensland visit Pest Control Brisbane our recommended exterminators. They provide licensed pest management services for domestic and commercial customers. Pests include ants, cockroaches, silverfish, bed bugs, lice, ticks, birds, spiders and termites. For costs for pest treatment please contact them directly.

If you need a reliable pest management company we recommend Pest Control Gold Coast for domestic and commercial properties. With over 10 years experience they provide a range of services for managing pests and termites. From one of yearly plans to regular monthly visits, they can handle any job big or small. All exterminators are fully licensed from Queensland Health and provide non biased advice and pest practices. Pests they treat include ants and cockroaches, silverfish, moths, bed bugs and spiders. Also included is a pest inspection service for white ants and termites. They detect termite colonies using moisture meters and borescopes. Get in touch with the professionals today for complete protection for your home or business.

Pest Treatment New South Wales

The population of New South Wales is over 7.5 million as of 2017. As the population increases, so does the housing construction boom. With this increase, controlling pests in homes is ever more important too. Some of the most common pests include cockroaches, wasps, ants, bed bugs, spiders and termites. Although some organic DIY pest treatment methods work well, stubborn pests require chemical pesticides. Strong pesticides can only be used by licensed pest controllers. If you are looking for professional treatment in New South Wales, visit Pest Control Sydney for free quotes and advice. Their reputation and quality of work is second to none. If you need advice or would like pricing for pest treatment contact their friendly team today.


Take Action Today

Don’t put up with pests anymore, Pro Pest Management Services will give you the best solutions to your pest problems. Contact us today and pests will be a thing of the past.

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  • Commercial Pest Control
  • White Ant Removal
  • Termite Baiting Systems
  • Pre-Construction Termite Treatments
  • Pre Purchase Pest Inspections
  • Rats and mice
  • Bird Control
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
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Our Queensland Pest Managment Team is Pro Pest Control Brisbane.
Pest Control Brisbane
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Our partners in New South Wales are Pro Pest Control Sydney.
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