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There are many different types of pests that can infest your homes and make it unbearable. Besides their unpleasant appeal, pests can cause structural damages to your property or even expose you to various infections. It is important to implement rapid measures to exterminate all pests once you see them. This pest information page lists some of the popular pest and how you can go about exterminating them away from your home and spaces.


Termites are some of the most common pests found in modern homes. Termites are attracted to wood structures and often eat up the wood if you do not apply pest repellants during construction. Even then, you will still have some termites visiting the area from time to time and they may decide to breed on a tree close to your home. 

Best treatment for termites

There are two effective ways to deal with termites. One is liquid termiticide, a chemical barrier that exterminates all termites including those in the ground. The other option is baits and traps which involves spreading termite food on a surface sprayed with termite glue. When they come to eat the food, they get stuck on the surface.


Cockroaches are also very popular and are mostly associated with dirt, dusty places, cracks and seams, dustbins and kitchen areas prone to food residues. Cockroaches are not only disgusting to see, but also damage your fabrics, linens and upholstery. They also hide their eggs inside tough coating which is why you need to eliminate them as soon as possible.

Best treatment for cockroaches

roaches need professional approaches and you should call pest exterminators for effective elimination of both live roaches and eggs. You can also clean the environment and spray the perimeter with roach killing insecticides. Use dust applicators on seams and crevices to kill eggs as soon as they hatch.


Ants are simply the most abundant of pests you will ever come across. They exist everywhere in the world and breed in hundreds of thousands. When the eggs hatch, you can have a full blown infestation within one day. Ants can leave nasty bite marks and also crawl into your soups or even easy and nose when sleeping.

Best treatment for ants

Ants can be hard to kill especially since they live in large colonies. The best and natural way to eliminate them is through small borax particles. These borax balls resemble sugar pellets but contain harsh chemicals that will kill the entire colony. Simply place some on the ants trail and let them carry the ball to their ground nests.


Silverfish can make a habit of visiting your home each year and effectively exterminating the population can present a big challenge. It is advisable to eliminate them as soon as you see one especially since they may disappear to bread and come back in full attack.

Best treatment for silverfish

To exterminate silverfish in the most effective way, use home remedies such as boric acid (a naturally occurring mineral that kills silverfish instantly). Other options include cinnamon, citrus fruit, cucumber, whole cloves, cedar shavings, naphthalene balls and diatomaceous earth.

Rats and Mice

Of all the pests that can attack your home, rats and mice are the most devastating. They will not only tear your cloths and fabrics in search of meals, but also steel your leftovers and food supplies that are not properly stored. Rats also leave their droppings everywhere and have annoying squeaks that can prevent you from sleeping at night. They eat everything from plastic to wood and paper so living with rats is pretty much unbearable.

Best treatment for rat and mice

To chase away rats and mice from your home, it is advisable to call for professional pest control services. However, DIY remedies available to you include using rodent baits and mice traps. Another option is to mix a little flour with cement and place some water close by. They will eat and suffocate on the spot once they drink the water.


Spiders are other popular pests found in most homes and getting rid of all spiders can be a real challenge especially since new inhabitants will crawl straight from the surrounding environment. They can also build their webs on roofs and hidden gutters making it difficult to reach and eliminate them. Spider stings are quite dangerous which is why you need to keep them a safe distance away from your house.

Best treatment for spiders

The best way to deal with spiders is through spraying the perimeter with natural pesticides, aerosols and insecticide dust. You can also use glue boards to trap them and monitor population. Consult professional pest controllers for insecticide suggestions.


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